I Wonder If I Know Him Now
Bhubaneswar, Puri, Kolkata, Mumbai; 3-18 October, 2014
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The Priest in Puri

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The Pilgrim in Puri

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The lady in Bhubaneswa

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Stay in Style

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Posing for the Stanger (on a Street in Bhubaneswa)

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The Poet

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Ladies on the Beach in Puri Seeking Shelter From the Sun

Faces of India- Lost at Sea.jpg

Lost at Sea

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Against the Sun

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A Promise Kept

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Posing for the Stranger (on the Beach in Puri)

Antics on the Beach.jpg

Antics on the Beach

India 2014 Pan 001.jpg

Calling from the Beach in Mumbai

India 2014 Pan 002.jpg

Purveyors of Fine Snacks

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Tattoo on the Beach

I Wonder If I Know Him Now:
Faces of India 2014
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