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Instant Lab Portraits
iPhone + Impossible Project Instant Lab, 2013-2015
With my head in the clouds....jpg

With my heads in the clouds...

Polaroids 824.jpg

(We Can Be) Queens

Polaroids 836.jpg

Up/Down (1)

Polaroids 837.jpg

Up/Down (2)

Polaroids 956.jpg

Dressed for Summer

Polaroids 955.jpg

Hoodie and the Watcher

Polaroids 1020.jpg

Faces of India: Posing for the Stranger

Polaroids 1021.jpg

Strangers When We Meet

Polaroids 1022.jpg

Ásgeir (in concert, Berlin 12 Nov 2014)

Polaroids 1023.jpg


Polaroids 913.jpg

Bar de l'hôtel

Polaroids 914.jpg

What Remains

Polaroids 732.jpg

Can You See Me Now?



Polaroids 832.jpg


Polaroids 661.jpg

Farshad & Nath

Polaroids 706.jpg

The Peeling Man (Steve Forrest)

Polaroids 708.jpg


Polaroids 835.jpg

The First Light of Day

Polaroids 717.jpg

Moscow Bound

Polaroids 556.jpg

The Man on the Moscow Train

Polaroids 665.jpg

Tattoo You

Polaroids 671.jpg

My Mind Is Slipping

Polaroids 555.jpg

Never Too Dark To Be Cool

Polaroids 663.jpg

Homeward Bound

Polaroids 722.jpg

Can You Hear Me Now?

Polaroids 723.jpg


Polaroids 662.jpg


Polaroids 558.jpg


Polaroids 855.jpg

Beyond Batman

Polaroids 664.jpg

At the Durga Pujas

Polaroids 1026.jpg

Out to Sea

Instant Lab Portraits
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