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Belair Scan-140111-0003

People on the Bridge. London

Belair 009

Behold, the Halls of Power. London

Belair Scan-140111-0002

By this river we ran... London

Belair Scan-140111-0006

Pillars of Society. London

Belair 001

Higher (soon I break all ties which bind me to this earth...) London

Belair Scan-140111-0007

Memento something, I forgot. London

Bucharest 012 Palast

Behold, the Halls of Power. Bucharest

Bucharest Atatürk

Atatürk in Bucharest

Bucharest 002 Park

A Quiet Place. Bucharest

Bucharest 007 Zaun

The Man Behind the Halls of Power

Bucharest 008 Ecke

Corner of... Bucharest

Bucharest 010 Marcus

Onwards then. Bucharest

Bucharest 003 Haus

Wide Urban Angles